One Handed Reads, an independent publisher, was founded in late 2011 to meet an exponentially growing demand for cheap, filthy ebooks. Chances are quite good that everyone you know has some form of ebook smut on their reader, be it a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad, or their smart phones.

Make no mistake, these books are not heavy on that renowned literary device known as plot. We'll leave that perversion to others. One Handed Reads is focused on stimulating its readers below the waist, not above it. That said, managing editor, Roxy Wood, believes that even wank fiction should be as free of technical errors as she can make it. There's nothing quite like a missing comma to jolt readers from their orgasmic trajectories, now is there?

Roxy is working diligently to develop a catalog of erotica to suit every lucrative kink. Some is throbbing and purple. Some is wrong in all the right ways. While she may someday get around to publishing stories about the more obscure fetishes, her priority is to first line our pockets with dirty money.

We hope you enjoy our books and will continue to enjoy them over and over and over and over... Well, you get the sticky picture. However, please don't let your repeated enjoyment stop you from downloading more of our offerings. Most are priced at just 99 cents, which is cheaper than damned near everything these days.

A spreadsheet of One Handed Reads publications can be viewed HERE.

Happy wanking!

One Handed Reads is a wholly owned subsidiary of Purple Prosaic, LLC.

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